Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What I want now


I'm at that point in my wardrobe where everything feels stale, like I've worn them to death when some of them have yet to see daylight. I should really consider turning some of them over to Plato's Closet, but every time I try bagging them, I suddenly become sentimental and can't do it.

Collage, from left to right

Acid wash jeans - forever21, $22.80
Shorts - Forever21, $15.80
Tank - Forever21, $8.80
Belted Dress - Forever21, $24.80
Beret - Forever21, $8.80
Leopard Ring - Forever21, $3.80
headband - Forever 21,
Snakeskin heels - Alloy, $34.50
Striped Cardigan - Delia's, $39.50
Mini Skirt - Alloy, $9.99
Floral bangle - Forever21, $4.80
Black heels - Payless, $38.00
Bag - Delia's, $29.50
Ring - Forever21, $4.80
Ring - Forever21, $3.80


  1. Vannah!(this is Kris)
    I LOVE everything! I actually have those exact jeans, and I pretty much have that cardigan and headband.

  2. i love that dress; i've been lusting after it for a little while too.